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Your business is worth protecting. Your business is a valuable asset, making sure that it is protected and secure, is the first line of defence in ensuring that your business is resilient and will survive in the event of an incident. One of the key elements in security is preparation. When we work with businesses to provide them with security services, we spend time considering all possibilities. Being able to imagine different scenarios that could impact your business will help us to protect your business from potential threats and hazards. We can provide security services to small businesses and larger businesses. Whatever your size or sector, the team at Pro-Guard Security are here to help.

How can improving business security benefit my business?

Imagine how your business would be impacted if there were a break-in or an act of vandalism. Not only does the initial incident disrupt your business, but the repercussions can be long-lasting. You may lose customers through a time delay, your staff may be negatively impacted resulting in a reduction in efficiency, or equipment may be damaged leading to reduced operating capacity. These consequences may impact your business for some time after the event, which our services can help reduce the impact of. Our comprehensive services will give you peace of mind, and allow you to concentrate on running your business, leaving us to protect it.

Indeed our security packages provide a strong deterrent to thieves and criminals which can help to stop your business being the target of crime. We can set up cameras and alarm systems which can be used to detect an intrusion and emit a powerful sound which can stop criminals in the act.

A recent innovation has also been the rise of remote cameras which allow you to check on your business when you aren’t physically there over the internet, giving you peace of mind that you can check on your business anytime, anywhere as long as you have an online connection.

Also in the unlikely event that a crime is committed, having surveillance can be very useful to document the sequence of events when reporting the crime to the police,  as well as being beneficial for insurance purposes.

Our security services can also extend to access control and physical security. Access control is important in many businesses, but especially those that handle valuable products or sensitive data, such as jewellers, banks or medical facilities. Access control will ensure only the right people with the right skills and qualifications gain access to the parts of the business they need to in there day to day job. We can also add panic buttons in these premises which can allow staff to activate an alarm discreetly if they feel threatened by a customer.

Meanwhile our guarding services can provide reassurance to the public and to your staff that there is someone there to prevent incidents from occurring or escalating, as well as providing a rapid response out of ours if a crime is committed.

Our team of security experts at Pro-Guard Security will come into your business, evaluate your existing security practices and come up with an appropriate plan of action to mitigate security risks and protect your business now and for the future. Having a camera system as part of your security solution can also be beneficial for other reasons as well as deterring crime, from monitoring employee productivity to cases of health and safety breaches or employer/employee tribunals where the footage can be used as evidence.

What solutions do you offer?

When we work with a company we spend time considering all the aspects of the business and where the key areas of weakness, in terms of security, are. We can draw upon our knowledge and experience to choose from our wide range of business security solutions to provide a bespoke package for your business. These may include; cctv, access control, fire alarm systems, remote monitoring, therma screening cameras, temperature monitoring, and vehicle trackers. Our accredited security experts will be able to provide the products and services that best meet your needs, and install them such as video surveillance cameras, intruder alarms and false alarms.

We can also provide professional installation of panic buttons which your staff can discreetly press should any issues arise. These can be very popular in businesses which handle a lot of high value goods, such as banks and jewellers. We can also offer panic buttons to staff members to carry on their person which will notify the policy should any trouble arise.  This can be beneficial for workers who undertake shifts when crime is more likely to happen, such as night shift workers in warehouses or people who carry cash from the premises to the bank.

We also offer personnel services such as security guards, or mobile patrol guards, with 24 hours, 7 days a week response to alarm activations and we can provide a local response to emergency situations, liaising with emergency services if required. We provide maintenance and service contracts so that you know that your businesses security will be closely monitored after installation to ensure that it is working effectively going forwards.

What sectors do you work in?

Here at Pro-Guard Security, we have worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries and sectors, with a variety of premises and security challenges, including:

Even if your business is not in this list, please contact us as our team of security experts will be happy to help.

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We believe that every business should feel protected and secure. When you come to Pro-Guard Security you can rest assured that we will protect and safeguard your business, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. We are accredited by several leading industry bodies including the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), Security Industry Authority (SIA), Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). We bring our dedication, honesty, and integrity to every business that we protect and secure across the West Midlands. Whether you own a shop in Wolverhampton or a series of empty buildings across the Black Country, the team at Pro-Guard Security are here to protect your assets. Contact us today for a free security health check for your business.

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