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PPE Equipment for your business

PPE equipment keeps people safe. Even as the hold placed on our country by the COVID pandemic loosens, it has made people more aware of how transmittable viruses are amongst the general population. Keeping people safe is important, whether you are running events, or a walk-in business, you are responsible for people mingling who wouldn’t otherwise do so. Having strategically placed PPE stations with PPE equipment will encourage people to protect themselves and others.

What is PPE Equipment?

Many people often wonder what PPE equipment is. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and can refer to any equipment used to protect or keep an individual safe. During the Covid-19 pandemic PPE often referred to face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers used in the medical profession but the actual range is much more diverse than this and can include other equipment in different industries, such as hard hats and boots on construction sites, or hazmat suits in the chemical industry. The equipment can be used in many different settings and comes in a range of grades, depending on the risk of that setting and the level of protection required We offer PPE equipment along with our security services and can advise on the best options for your event or business.

What PPE Equipment is best for you?

Each situation is different, and choosing the right protection for your business is important. Just as we pick the best security service for your needs, so we can help you to pick the best way of keeping your customers safe. We are experienced in event management, and understand key points such as crowd management. PPE equipment stations placed in the correct places, based on human reactions, will help to increase the engagement of your customers with the PPE stations. Poorly located PPE stations won’t be used as much they could be. When you use Pro-Guard Security to manage your events, we can advise on both the best physical security as well as the best health security. Careful event management ensures that all those people enjoying your event remain safe.

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Pro-Guard Security are extremely experienced security professionals. We will work with you to ensure that your home, business or events are protected and safe and that the people who attend are also safeguarded. Whether you are looking for home security protection or security advice on holding a large-scale event, the team at Pro-Guard Security are available for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements. Large-scale events can benefit from both physical security and health security, and we have the resources and insight to cover both angles. Our health security extends from providing PPE equipment to body temperature screening systems, depending upon the size and scale of your event. With our knowledge, we will be able to discuss your event with you and assist you in protecting your customers. The team at Pro-Guard Security are here for you, simply contact us today.

Pro-Guard Security are extremely experienced security professionals.