Free Security Health Check

Protect and secure with a free security health check

Our free security health check is the first step in protecting your business or home. As we never sell unnecessary products to our customers, we always begin with a free security health check of your existing security systems. Often, security systems have been installed many years ago, when your business may have been different. Businesses grow, their operating model changes, and their security system must change to reflect this. Our professional engineers can assess your current security system, and your current business, and provide a comprehensive assessment to show the areas where your security system needs updating.

Why do we need a free security health check?

Your business needs to be protected. Your home needs to be protected. An old or outdated security system can be weak. This can leave you open to intruders. If you have a security system you may assume that you are protected, so a poor security system can be riskier, as you are making an assumption about how effective it is. When you have a free security health check it will give you the peace of mind that your security systems are suitable for your needs. Security systems can impact your insurance, so it is vitally important that your security systems are effective. Once our free security health check has identified the areas of weakness in your system, we can offer advice on updating or adding to your current security system. We will identify areas that need to be dealt with urgently, as well as areas that would benefit from being updated but are non-essential. With our professional approach, you can be confident that any recommendations we advise will have been carefully considered and will be a practical addition to your security system.

Can we book a free security health check?

A free security health check provides peace of mind for businesses in different sectors, as well as private individuals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution with Pro-Guard Security. A jeweller poses a different security risk to a construction site, and the security must be designed specifically for the risks that each sector faces. Private individuals may have valuable paintings, or a fleet of classic cars, the security needed to protect these assets will be different. Our approach to security is to always provide a bespoke and tailormade service to each project that we undertake. Your free security health check will be based on your business or personal needs and will reflect your unique requirements.

Contact Pro-Guard for your free security health check

When you come to Pro-Guard Security for your free security health check across the West Midlands, you can be confident that you are receiving a professional and dedicated service. Our team of security experts are extremely knowledgeable with many years of experience across a diverse mix of sectors. To each project that they undertake, they will bring their expertise to ensure that the service you receive is second to none. Whether you need security services across multiple vacant buildings, or home security to protect your valuable first editions collection, we are here to help. Protect your assets with Pro-Guard Security’s free security health check. Contact our helpful team today to book your free security health check.

You can be confident that you are receiving a professional and dedicated service.