Firexo Fire Extinguisher

Firexo is revolutionising fire safety by introducing a ground-breaking one-size-fits-all approach to extinguishing fires. For decades, households and businesses have relied on a multitude of fire extinguishers, each tailored to specific fire types. But now, imagine having just one fire extinguisher that can handle all types of fires, making it possible to prioritise employee safety, prevent injuries, and save lives with a single product.

Unmatched Speed in Extinguishing All Fires

Firexo’s all-in-one fire extinguisher is the market’s sole solution for rapidly extinguishing all fire types. Say goodbye to the need for separate foam, water, CO2, and powder fire extinguishers. This exceptional innovation is designed to tackle every class of fire, including A (solid materials), B (flammable liquids), C (flammable gases), D (flammable metals), E (electrical), and F (cooking oils and fats). This versatility is a game-changer, significantly reducing confusion and valuable response time during a fire emergency. By eliminating the risk of using the wrong extinguisher, Firexo ensures that fires are extinguished promptly, preventing further damage.

50% More Effective, Compact, and Eco-Friendly

Businesses can now streamline staff training and save valuable space within their premises. Firexo extinguishers are compact and lightweight, facilitating easy handling during emergency situations. They also leave minimal residue, minimising cleanup efforts and damage compared to traditional fire extinguishers.

Moreover, Firexo extinguishers are 50% more effective in combating fires than standard options and prevent re-ignition, guaranteeing that once the fire is out, it stays out.

Taking a proactive approach to environmental responsibility, Firexo offers an environmentally friendly fire safety solution that reduces contamination, mass, and pollution. These versatile extinguishers are suitable for use at home, in your business, event spaces, vehicles, and any other location where fire risks exist. They are available as traditional extinguishers, user-friendly sprays, and convenient sachets. Additionally, Firexo is accessible on a mass scale, catering to fire rescue services and refill needs for discharged extinguishers. Choose Firexo to revolutionise your fire safety approach and ensure the safety and well-being of your home, business, and community.

Pro-Guard is a recognised supplier of Firexo extinguishers, helping you fight fires quickly, safely, and effectively.