Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring systems for your business

Your business needs to be protected and kept safe. Whether it is under threat from external forces such as intruders and vandals, or at threat from internal factors such as system failure or human error. We are experienced in working with businesses across the West Midlands to safeguard their businesses no matter the risk. Our expertise can help you to understand the risks you face, and how our solutions can help to mitigate the risk factor.

What is thermal monitoring?

Thermal monitoring is also known as temperature monitoring or continuous thermal monitoring. It is the process of monitoring the temperature in certain areas to ensure that the temperature stays within specific limits. A thermal monitoring system has a variety of uses and can be set according to your business needs. It is used as a warning system to alter people to changes in temperature. If your air conditioning needs to stay within certain limits for safety, the sensor can pick up changes below or above these limits. A similar system can also be used to alert to flooding in external boiler rooms, as often used in large buildings such as schools.

How temperature monitoring benefit my business?

Warning systems act as a preventative. If you have warning systems in place, it allows you to act before the crisis point is reached. Knowing that a particular room or area is hotter, colder, or wetter than it should be allows you to move swiftly and intervene. Thermal monitoring systems can be used on conveyor systems, picking up heat points that can reveal wear and poor functionality. Quick intervention is often cost-saving, as it can avert potentially expensive damage being caused to equipment and facilities. Continuous thermal monitoring is an important investment in safeguarding your business.

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When you come to Pro-Guard Security for your business security needs you can be confident that you are dealing with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We operate from our Walsall base across the West Midlands bringing our dedication and passion for security to businesses large and small. We are accredited by leading industry bodies such as the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), Security Industry Authority (SIA), Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). When you partner with us, we will spend time with you understanding your business. Each business is unique and the security systems required will vary according to the environment, location, and usage. We offer a free security health check for your business so that we can assess your current security systems and advise on any areas of weakness within your current system. Where we may advise on upgrades to your system, we will always base it on your needs. Our understanding of security is extensive and all-encompassing. When you partner with us you can rest assured that your business security is our primary concern.

When you partner with us you can rest assured that your business security is our primary concern. For a no-obligation discussion about your business contact the helpful team at Pro-Guard Security today