Vehicle Trackers

What are vehicle trackers?

Vehicle trackers are fixed to cars, vans, lorries, or motorcycles, and can be used to track the whereabouts of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. They are used on both private cars and commercial vehicles. We install a range of different vehicle trackers on cars, vans, lorries, or motorcycles to help protect and prevent our clients’ vehicles from theft. When we offer you comprehensive advice on your security systems, we will discuss vehicle security as part of the complete package. If you are just interested in vehicle trackers for your vehicles, we can advise and install these for you as a stand-alone service.

Why do I need vehicle trackers?

Much of the work that we do to improve the security systems of our private and commercial clients is around prevention and damage limitation. Vehicles are a prime target of theft, but having good security systems in place can help deter crime. If your vehicle is stolen, a vehicle tracker can help to find and recover the vehicle quickly and with minimal disruption. Often, stolen vehicles are quickly abandoned, and your vehicle trackers will enable us to find them swiftly. You may find that your insurance premiums go down if you install vehicle trackers on your vehicles, so it is worth speaking to your insurance company about this. Some insurance companies may stipulate a vehicle tracker as a policy requirement on certain vehicles. Whether you need your vehicles trackers for a single high-end sports car or a fleet of commercial vans, the team at Pro-Guard Security are here to help.

Different types of vehicle trackers

There are different types of vehicle trackers and when we assess your security needs we can advise on the best type of tracker for your vehicles. There are plug-in vehicle trackers and wired vehicle trackers. Plug-in vehicles trackers are a great solution as they can be quickly and economically installed into vehicles, the downside of plug-in vehicle trackers is that they can be removed by thieves if discovered. Wired vehicle trackers can’t be removed easily, but unless your vehicle comes with a vehicle tracker as standard, it is more time-consuming and expensive to install. When we discuss your security requirements with you, we will take the time to understand you and your concerns, so that we can give you the best advice.

Come to us for your vehicle trackers

When you come to the team at Pro-Guard Security, you can be confident that you are receiving the best service for your security needs in the West Midlands. We can answer any questions that you may have, such as “How do vehicle trackers work?” Our teams are dedicated, experienced, and passionate about security. We believe that everyone should feel protected and secure in their home or business, without having to worry about protecting their property. We work with all our clients to safeguard and protect them. Whether you are a private or commercial client, we approach all security in the same way, with consideration, honesty, and integrity. When you come to the team at Pro-Guard Security for your vehicle trackers, you will see why our client retention is so high. Join our happy clients from Walsall across the West Midlands, and call the team at Pro-Guard Security today.

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