Office Security

The Importance of Office Security

  • To keep staff members safe – This is one of the key reasons why office security is needed. It is vital that members of staff are unharmed by criminals due to a lack of security measures.
  • Keeping assets from being stolen or damaged – Businesses may not have the funding to be able to keep replacing equipment that could potentially go missing and the loss of important data and files during theft could be irreplaceable.
  • Preventing vandalism – Office blocks and office buildings are a target for most criminals. This is because they have high number of windows that can be smashed.
  • Seeking out fire hazards – Preventing fires will reduce the security risk as well as save lives.
  • Stopping criminals from breaking in – Office buildings are a perfect target for criminals to break into because they hold many expensive items.
  • Attack on staff – Criminals may get into the building to attack staff within the building.
  • Trespassing – Having people entering the site without permission may lead to break-in’s

Office security is tricky to enforce due to several tenants operating within the building. Unless all of the businesses within the building agree to implement it, it is down to the office owner to provide security for the whole office block. This should include 24 hour security throughout the office block. Having an office owned by one firm will help improve the implementation of security within an office block. If there are no security measures put into place within the office block, unauthorised personnel can just walk around freely.

Access doors should only lead to selected areas of an office which then require another access method. This will avoid people gaining access to areas where they are not authorised to be. Fire doors should be kept in mind when allocating doors to perform a specific function. The level of security must be balanced with the safety of staff and security levels. Within an office block there will be a receptionist that looks after anyone that enters the building. It also includes having security at the entrance to the building to evade any potential threats. CCTV and manned security guards will prevent people from walking into private areas of the building. It is important a close eye is kept on restricted areas leading away from the foyer will avoid people from entering private locations.

If you are interested in business security, there are numerous ways that Pro-Guard can help implement office security into your premises. Below is a list of what methods we have on offer.

  • Business CCTV Installation
  • Manned Guarding Services
  • Mobile Patrols & Key Holding Services
  • Alarm Response
  • Access Control Installation

Office block security is essential to keeping the members of staff and assets inside safe. Security in offices is sometimes overlooked and not used but should be taken very seriously. Companies would also be affected severely if some of their equipment either went missing or was damaged.