The Past, Present & Future Of Home Security


The Past Present & Future of Home Security

Home Security has further and further developed over the years. Each new breakthrough is making our homes better protected from outside threats. We still don’t know what’s around the corner in our future, but we can be certain our homes will be even better protected than they are today.

When home security was first introduced, it was extremely basic. Cameras would capture grainy black and white slideshows, which may capture criminal activity but wouldn’t do well when it came to identification. Alarm systems would be at the very basics. It would beep as soon as the door opened and would sound an alarm if you didn’t punch in a code quick enough. If the alarm sounded it would send a basic signal down the phone lines when a said emergency occurred (which may not be a good thing if you’re terrible at remembering passwords and codes.) They were very basic and could be tampered with, by a simple snipping of a few wires on your control panel with no backup to the system if this fails.

But now times have updated and changed for the modern day. Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, making it easier from them to be concealed throughout your home to any unsuspecting intruders. Footage is captured in pristine HD quality and high capacity DVRs let us record and playback any essential camera feed footage. Remote controls allow cameras to pan and zoom in; ensuring you know exactly what is going on in and around your home.

Wireless Technology allows for better and more controlled systems, rather than lots of wires all over your home. These wireless systems ensure you have a cellular backup, so signals are sent through mobiles rather than an easy-to-tamper-with landline. That seems to be the way many companies are integrating into their systems now, as some households have moved to use mobiles only in their homes. Wireless sensors are so powerful now, that no major security provider lacks any wireless packages for backup or general power.

Even basic sensors and controls on your Security systems have been completely upgraded. These ranges of new sensors include:

  • Tamper-Sensitive Sensors- can inform you if a window breaks or someone attempts to tamper with your control panel.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors- to alert you of fire and flood conditions. They can even monitor the air for any dangerous gases, such as Carbon Monoxide.
  • Sophisticated Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors- can tell the difference between an intruder and the family dog.
  • With the combination of wireless communication and mobile app development, all of these new systems can be directly accessed from your smart-phone. You can monitor a lot of elements from outside your home, simply through the device in your hand. Security feeds can be watched and reviewed directly on your phone. You can keep an eye on everything that is happening, from anywhere. That same app can be used for a variety of other things, including:
  • Turning lights on and off- You might want to make sure the lights are on if you’re out for the evening.
  • Adjust the thermostat- If you due to head home and you want to come back to a warm house, you can ensure that from the palm of your hand.
  • Lock and unlock doors- If you’ve forgotten to lock elements of your house before you leave, you can directly do it from your phone leaving you at ease.
  • Arm and disarm the system- Of course one of the most basic, but still just as important as any other features.

Despite all of these impressive breakthroughs, security and technology are still continuing to advance. Smart Homes are on the rise and making home life easier and even more secure. The main aim of a Smart Home is to provide a variety of elements in the home that can all be controlled from a remote or smart phone. The most common controlled elements in the house would include:

  • Door and Security Locks/Systems
  • Temperature and Ventilation Controls
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring Devices
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Smart Lighting Systems
  • Smart Appliances
  • Vehicle Detection Systems
  • Plant and Pet Monitoring Systems

This Smart Home would monitor all your security and elements in your home. Notifications would be set directly to you, so if the house suspects that someone is trying to break into your home it would notify you directly and take the right action to a potential intruder.

While Smart Homes are still in development right now, they have set the groundwork to what home life could be like for everyone in the future. Smart Homes’ plan is to make your life easier and secure. So every possible element in your home, ranging from the cleaning to keeping out intruders could be automatically controlled by the home or from the palm of your hand.

It may be hard to truly tell when we’ll meet the highest level of security we can in our homes. But with Smart Housing developing, security worries and burglaries will become a thing of the past. Right now, we can just settle for monitoring our cameras from our phone and calls being sent out in cases of emergency. Security Cameras/Alarms can be provided now for houses across the world, to provide the best security they currently can while technology is still developing.


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